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Kaun Kitney Paani Mein Music Review



One expects a soundtrack with a rural touch to Kaun Kitney Paani Mein, considering the kind of stage and setting that the film enjoys. However, the comic flavor of the film (which deals with a serious issue of water scarcity) also hints that the music put together by composers KB Tunes, Subhi, Style Bhai and Bishakh-Kanish along with lyricists Protiqe Mojoomdar & Subhi won't be ultra-boring.


It is a fast pace beginning for the soundtrack with Krishna Beuraa and Rekha Rao coming together for 'Rangabati'. With a strong folk flavor to it, the song has a vintage touch to it and is sung in a rustic manner by both the singers. It maintains a good pace throughout and should be an add on well to the film's narrative. A playful number that should work in the interiors of the country, it has a 70s touch to it.

There is a pleasant surprise in store immediately after with Shilpa Rao's voice being heard for 'Ho Naa'. A beautiful number with an Indi-pop touch to it, one wonders how this one actually made it to Kaun Kitney Paani Mein. Considering the film's genre and setting, this one sounds way too urban. While one waits to see how the makers have fitted this one into the film's narrative, as a standalone number this well composed, written and sung number does leave an impression.

Amit Kumar sings quite sparsely and hence the very mention of his name against 'Chala Murari' promises a good outing in store. The 63 year old sounds as playful as someone in his 30s and croons this one with a distinct Kishore Kumar style. A situational number that is designed to go with the play of a scene/sequence in the film, it goes with the flow though overall the composition is just about okay.


There weren't many expectations from the soundtrack and the end result too is barely situational or a little out of place. This one will go largely unnoticed.


'Rangabati', 'Ho Naa'

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