4.5 Excellent


Kaminey Is Expected To Be The Changing Face Of Indian Cinema Because Vishal Bharadwaj's Movies Are Always Great Cinema.Kaminey Lives Up To These Expectations.Kaminey Has A Brilliant Story To Tell
The Concept Is Very Much New And Deserves Distinction.The Screenplay Is Very Gripping From The Start TO The End.The First Half Is Very Interesting Right From The First Scene.The Second Half Again Is Cinematic Excellence.The Climax Is Truly Engaging.Background Score Is Brilliant.Music
Is First Rate.Each And Every Song Is A Gem.
Action Is Very Real And Enjoyable.Cinematography Is Superb.Vishal Bharadwaj Executes Kaminey With Style.This Is His Best Work So Far Even Surpassing
OMKARA.Kaminey Also Works Because Of Superb Performances.Shahid Kapur Is Brilliant,Superb, Fantabulous.His On Screen Presence Is His Charm.
It's A Delight To Watch Him Essay Both Characters.
Priyanka Chopra Is A Revelation.She Is Superb.
Amol Gupte Is Flawless.The Negative Streak In His Character Is Awesome.Chandan Sanyal Makes A Confident Debut.His Style Will Be Liked By Youth.
Tenzing Nima Is Acts With Panache.Hrikesh Joshi Is First-Rate.Shiv Subramaniam Is Awesome.Deb Mukherjee Is Perfect.Rajat Dutta Is Competent.
Overall,KAMINEY Is The Changing Face Of Indian Cinema.Strongly Recommended!!!!!!