3 Good

Jurassic World (English)

I didn't like it. It didn't live up to the hype for me.

Like many others I was expecting a return to the roots of the franchise, but instead what I got was a decent nod to Spielberg's classics.

Don't get me wrong the movie uses CGI incredibly well, it is really very polished and suited for the big screen. What it lacks is the artistic direction that Spielberg offered, adding more to the story than just its CGI aspect.

The dialogue is clunky and distracting at times, a lot of humor is written in with many 'zingers', they seemed to hit fairly well but took away from the plot itself. Character development was fairly weak and parts of the back story were included solely for dramatic affect, such as the parents divorce (We only see the father twice and he speaks a couple lines).

The structure didn't feel very solid and some scenes would have been better omitted. The water creature is shown thrice and whilst cool, the second is it eating the park directors assistant (It accounts for half of her screen time (??)).

There's a couple of issues I had with it. Mostly I think it didn't live up to my expectations and that's why I'm disappointed, but there definitely was redeeming qualities. I just wish they'd made it less flashy with more substance, seems like a kids movie.