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Jurassic World (English)

Just came from the theater after seeing Jurassic World and even though I did not have any expectations, I was deeply unsatisfied.

The movie in itself felt like a bad remake (even though it's a sequel) of the other movies. The synopsis is really similar to the other movies and it made me think that this movie is just a way to profit from a popular series. Nothing more. It will not give a lasting impression on me, and if it does, its a disappointing one.

After I heard that Chris Pratt was gonna lead this, I felt excited. Not I just feel sad for seeing an actor I hold dearly do something so bad.


The mistakes in the film made the whole experience so unsatisfying. There is so much unexplained, forgotten and weird small things in this movie that I do not know where to begin? There is a lot of emphasis on a super dino in the first part of the film, although in the second half - the dino possesses zero abilities. The walls keeping the dino secure is 12 m in hight. The dino itself is told to be up to 15. Whut? The motorcycles can drive all terrain, even terrain where the velociraptors have a hard time running through. Ugh...

The movie might act like a nostalgic for some people. Hopefully, this is the end of money grabbing for this series. Let the Jurassic Park rest, or give it the wake up it needs.