2.5 Good

Jurassic World (English)

So I went to watch Jurassic World today with my 10 year old little brother with really really high expectations. Being a huge fan of the original Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg, I have since been rooting for every subsequent movie releases in the Jurassic series, but they had all turned out to be a big disappointment. When I heard that Jurassic World was gonna come out this June, I was really excited. With a good trailer and Chris Pratt as the leading actor in the movie, I was really hoping to see a spectacle. I don't know whether it was the high expectations I had for this film, but Jurassic World for sure let me down.

The story is pretty straightforward. Several years after the first Jurassic Park, a new theme park with Dinosaurs have been established, called the Jurassic World. But unlike the original Jurassic Park, the Dinosaurs in Jurassic World are not born from real eggs, they are mankind's creation (from cloning, yada yada). The park has been successfully running for about 10 years, but public enthusiasm for the park has been steadily declining as Dinosaurs were no longer something you could only see in the movies - Dinosaurs were now a common place, even found in zoos around the globe. So to get back the public's enthusiasm (and thus to get more investors pouring in more money into the park), the scientists over at the Jurassic World create a hybrid Dinosaur, named Indominous Rex. As one can predict, this plan backfires, with the Dinosaur turning out to be an incredibly intelligent animal, with abilities like changing its color to camouflage with its surroundings, withholding its thermal radiation so as to not be detected by the military's thermal detectors, etc. This intelligent killing machine hunts down all other animals inside the park purely for sport, including the 20,000 plus humans trapped inside the island (the park is located on an island) with no means of quick escape. And amidst all this chaos, there are 2 kids running around, who have the same (if not more) screen time than Chris Pratt (I'm not going to get into the details of it so that I don't spoil the movie for you (though there isn't nothing much for me to reveal, the story of the movie is pretty straightforward)). And I think you all can guess what happens at the end (ya, the dinosaur dies and the park is destroyed, like always).

This one is a pretty straight forward movie, with mediocre acting and mediocre visuals and mediocre sound effects. The whole movie was mediocre which is why I have given it 6/10. If I have to praise someone, I'd say Chris Pratt was good, the brothers were fine too. I didn't particularly like Bryce's acting. The script and the direction were really bad, they could have been so much better. Some visuals were good, but I expected a lot better from a Jurassic movie made in 2015 (hell, I liked the visuals in the 1993 film more). The 3D wasn't impressive either (except a couple of good moments). I don't understand why anyone has failed to make another good Jurassic Park movie? The series has lot of potential, infinite scope for innovative ideas and impressive visual effects. Instead, this series also ends up like Transformers, lots of potential, but a disastrous result.

I would have given this movie a 5/10 even, but my little brother enjoyed it very much, which made me wonder if the target audience for this movie were kids. If so, then this isn't a bad movie to take a kid to. Otherwise, you may wanna skip this one.