4.5 Excellent


It could have been years one of the biggest blockbusters but because of its wrong timing of release it couldn't be. The new director has gr8 potential to be in top league. I heard that SRK rejected the movie if its correct must say SRK missed the gr8 bus. Its too good then Don but the main reason for it not doing that well as Don was the fact that it was DON was reamake of old hit of BIGB and had KING KHAN in it which affected movies first week collection. Though slowly movie did pick but it lost the freshness of new movie of the week which tends to affect movies collection after first week nowadays. Lastly mark my words though salman may or may not win award considering a gr8 competition from Hrithik,AAMIR but Akshay must just be lucky and may definately win an award for BEST SUPORTING ACTOR.