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Ganesh Acharya has had a bad run as a producer/director. His first venture SWAMI was a well-made piece of cinema but went unnoticed. His next 2 films - MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI and ANGEL - were disastrous and bombed at the box office. Archarya releases his fourth production this week, HEY BRO, which stars him in the lead role. Will this comedy film bring him the much needed hit at the box office? Let's analyse.

Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) lives in a small town in Rajasthan with his very rich grandfather (Prem Chopra). One day, grandpa all of a sudden reveals that Gopi has a twin brother. When his parents divorced during their childhood, both took with them one child each! Gopi learns that his twin brother now lives in Mumbai and reaches the maximum city to find him. Assuming his twin brother would be his lookalike, Gopi goes around searching for him. He then comes across Inspector Shiv (Maninder), not knowing that he in fact is his twin brother. But at the same time, he also gets into the wrong books of the baddie Baba (Hanif Hilal) who wants to eliminate Gopi at any cost. Will Gopi manage know about his mother and brother and will he beat the bad guy Baba is what forms the rest of the film.

HEY BRO begins with the song 'Hu Tu Tu' that served as the grand introduction sequence of Ganesh Acharya. It is pathetic and makes it clear what lies ahead in the film. There are sequences added to increase the fun quotient but these scenes fail totally in their endaevour. Only a few scenes here and there tickle the funny bone. Thankfully, the film is just 113 minutes long and the writers and makers try their best in telling the story as quickly as possible. Yet, there are moments that serve no purpose to the film. The song 'Line Laga' for example is silly, not even remotely funny and makes one wonder why it is added in the first place. Same goes for the scenes involving Kurush Deboo and Govinda. The climax boasts of the supposedly clapworthy fight between the hero and the baddie. But haven't we seen that countless number of times before?

Ganesh Acharya is strictly okay as an actor. He makes those weird expressions in songs which he thinks are quite cool but they are absolutely not. Maninder however gives his hundred per cent and is definitely 'hero material'. Nupur Sharma looks pretty but her character doesn't contribute anything to the principle story. Prem Chopra does well in his small role. Hanif Hilal (projected as if he is debuting with this film but he has already featured in TABLE NO 21) is average. Indira Krishnan (Gopi-Shiv's mother) is fine. The actors playing Baba's henchmen are over the top. Mahie Gill features in the item number 'Bulbul' and doesn't quite look her best. Her dance moves are quite embarrassing. Govinda is shamefully wasted. Lastly, the 6 actors that feature in the song 'Birju' - Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh and Prabhu Dheva - are entertaining.

Nitz 'N' Sony's music doesn't have a lasting effect. 'DJ' is the best song of the lot. 'Birju' is shown before the end credits but by then, viewers have already lost interest. Amar Mohile's background score is typically filmy. M Salim's cliched story and poor screenplay fails. Even the dialogues don't hit the mark. The writing is amateurish and juvenile and would have worked in the 90s. But in today's times, even kids won't appreciate such kind of outdated humour. Director Ajay Chandhok who has films like CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR, NEHLLE PE DEHLLA etc to his credit does an average job. There's little he could have done anyways when the script itself is so weak and cliched.

On the whole, HEY BRO is disappointing and can be skipped.

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