3.5 Very Good


Hawas meaning Lust is a Erotic Bollywood movie. The storyline is a copy of Hollywood Movie Unfaithful. There has been a few recent releases with the similar story lines about a married woman who has an affair with somebody else (Murder, Fun, Aksar etc). Replacing Diane Lane is Newcomer and model / item number girl Meghna Naidu. Meghna became quite successful from the Hit song Kaliyon ka Chaman. Meghna looked extremely Sexy and danced nicely. Unfortunately her acting wasn't appreciated by most critics, which is why she isn't having much luck bagging good roles for Bollywood films. The actors of this movie were also First timers with not much good acting skills. Bollywood was suppose to be for family viewing with no nudity and adult scenes. But as time is moving, so is Bollywood. Hawas is a start in adult genre in Bollywood after the success of Jism and Murder. Hawas did not do too well because it was released at the same time as Murder. Both movies had same storyline, but Murder was more professionally directed and the actress was critically more sexier. Too my opinion, i think Meghna is very sexy although she has put some weight, I would still bang Meghna from behind like the guy does in the movie.