4.5 Excellent


a beautiful moving piece of cinema. this movie as i thought just from the exact moment when first saw its trailer that its gonna be a brilliant movie and yes it is one of the very few best movies of the year. i will seriously congratulate Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali for this outstanding cinematic achievement, he deserves every bit of praise. its one of his best beside Devdas and Black and ofcourse Khamoshi. i am not gonna compare it to them as this one have set up its own and unique place.

Hrithik Roshan is an outstanding actor we all now it, he proves it once again that he do 100% justice to every character he plays and this one, is one of his best ever. brilliant performance that i can,t even describe in my words. the emotions that changes so fast on his face and in his voice can easily be seen and the way he carried this role throughout the movie is an act of bravery. i think best performance this year after Shahrukh Khan in My Name Is Khan. on the other hand you see the excellent beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachan who yet again proves that she is not just a beautiful actress but a beautiful performer too. she was superb. other actors like Shernaz patel And Aditya Ro were superb too.

beautiful if not memorable but brilliant songs according to the mood of this movie. outstanding Art Direction, beautiful costumes. those magic trick scenes were brilliant too.

excellent direction no doubt, brilliant dialogues, use of english too as it is set in Goa. good screenplay. and i loved the humor in it too which the wonderful, joyful and full of life Mr Ethan Mascarenhas creates. the drama which is being created frame by frame is brilliant. a wonderful work of art, a simply masterpiece, don't miss it.