2 Average

There were all assumptions that this will be a Sunny Deol style action movie. Luckily it wasn't like that, but unluckily nothing better than that. It has a very slow and a complex start. Build up of the characters are extremely poor. Even when a good background score starts to develop the movie flow, its complexity breaks it all. It has a simple heroic theme, but not made in an interesting way.

Sunny Deol plays very simple, almost throughout the movie. There are times when it looks like he'll blast, but that's masked every time. His screen presence still is very strong and effective. In fact he's the only reason that one can manage to sit through the movie. Another reason was Om Puri's awesome acting. His aura itself was pulling movie up, but his small role was the mistake done.

The biggest disappointment is Sunny Deol's direction. His direction skills are so bad that I'll not even suggest to improve. He should never direct. May be he has written a good story, but the direction spoilt everything.

Overall, a no commercial Sunny Deol irritations, simple decent story, but still doesn't work because of pathetic direction.