1 Poor

How much a director can influence a film, this is a good example . Film is so loud, which director himself is brand ambassador of. Now cinema has changed a bit to subtle and intelligent mode. Creative team had stuck their mind in 90ts and try to make it up to date with the help of technology, which went wasted completely. There is nothing in the name of story, just few incidents clubbed together. Screenplay tries to fit this old school movie in new shoe but fails. Scenes are like, people are watching lead doing good work and chanting that he is great, electric shock treatment for showing the pain and anger of lead, showing flashback of lead with help of visual graphics and lead performances in melo-dramatic way. If one has to understand a girl plight then he must have a sister, wife, daughter according to makers. If you have a daughter then only you can understand the feelings of another father. Here up to date means mother daughter living together but meeting on Skype then why name of press is Satykaam!? because it relates with some legacy? Hindi is an alien language for creative team this is proved by looking into scrolling Hindi text in all news clippings, rarely a Hindi word is correctly spelled. If you are pathetic in Hindi then show the scrolling in English only rather than making fun of Hindi and proving yourself intelligent idiot because it's a Hindi film not a dubbed one. Dialogues are sometimes flowery then sometimes so stale like 'Main Aapka Ye Ehsan Kabhi Nahi Bhulungi'. Another major drawback of this movie is its action sequences, which just go on and on without giving a single second thrill. Pre Interval fight and chasing is so lame. Pre climax and climax fight is above any super hero film. Lead jumps into one train to another, Chopper gets deliberately crashed into a multi story building and miraculously every one is safe inside the house and even the pilot because he is hero. Lead gets threatened to drop his gun then goon challenges to combat fight!!? Issue of this film is realistic then why did they prefer to fight like larger than life? Performance wise every one is shouting, even the Neuro physician!? Only Manoj Joshi as Minister is fine with his performance. Nothing in the name of music.