2.5 Good

Ghar Ki Izzat

Unable to bear the taunts and abuse, Chamanlal (Gope) leaves the palatial house of his in-laws, along with his wife, Radhika (Manorama), and opens an insurance agency. They insure an impoverished family consisting of Motilal (Jeevan), Gulab (Gulab) and Roopa (Mumtaz Shanti) for Rs.2000/-, and then welcome back Radhika's brother, Chander (Dilip Kumar), who is now a lawyer. After the latter wins a criminal case, he is introduced to Roopa and both fall in love and get married. Hoping to receive a sizeable dowry, Chander's parents are displeased. Things only get worse when they lose Rs.1.5 Lakhs and blame it on Roopa, and after a Pandit tells them she is responsible for their bad luck, decide to imprison her.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)