3 Good


Ghajini is not a copy Memento so rule that out..moreover i personally believe tat Bollywood can't pull off a movie like Memento ...atleast not for some years.
Ghajini has the same story line as its Tamil version and viewers shouldn't be bothered by it since it has been a known fact that this movie is a remake.
The plot is good and the execution has been handled overall nicely. Aamir has done a good job (besides the infamous 8 abs of his!) and looks very believable however some action scenes make him look like a superhuman. Moreover acting by the female lead (Asin) with some good scenes is full of freshness but is a little over at times,Jiah Khan's performance has been mixed.Pradeep Rawat is good with A.R.Rahman's background score spot on at times. Ghajini is quite an intense movie but runs over 3 hours phew! had it been half an hour short it would have done more good to the movie.
Recommended ...yes probably because it is very different movie from the usual masala movies and it almost lives up to the hype.