4.5 Excellent


It’s too bad that I write a late review for a movie as this, which released almost three months ago as GHAJINI. But I guess I needed time to write a review for a movie such as this. And that was for two basic reasons: the Aamir Khan – SRK clash-of-the-titans saga, and the hype. And this movie review answers two basic questions. Who won the war out of Aamir Khan and SRK? And did the movie succeed in fulfilling the various expectations? Read on to know more.

A. R. Murugadoss had openly stated that this was meant to be an absolute commercial entertainer – no apologies – and people should view it that way. Secondly, there was no action movie in the vicinity, and apart from RAB NE BANA DI JODI, GHAJINI had no competitors. And I needn’t tell everyone that GHAJINI has had record-breaking collections in the first 14 minutes and 52 seconds of the first-day-first-shows of the movie itself. But even the weirdest of movies can collect money (case in point, RAB NE BANA DI JODI, in which SRK’s female counterpart, Anushka Sharma seemed like she had a 15-minute memory loss problem – who wouldn’t recognize one’s own spouse even after a lot of modifications to the latter’s face?). So does it fulfill the massive expectations?

The obvious answer is – YES, it does! But let me clear things first. I’m not an Aamir fanatic, and I don’t have one favorite actor in particular. Also, I did like RNBDJ, though I wasn’t such a fan of the second half. And I loved the movie because I used my heart, not my brain, though it did come to me later to point out the severe loopholes in the movie.

Aamir is known as the Perfectionist, which is probably why he might have gone into such pains to look like the way he did for the movie. Everything, from the pain he showed, the body language he portrayed, the anger in his eyes, the intensity of his role… I’d have to say, “Hats off to you Aamir!”.

Asin, the superstar of Tamil Nadu, makes her first entry into Bollywood with such aplomb. Her face is photogenic (she looks amazingly pretty, and I have really gone nuts over her!) and her acting is free and comes as a breath of fresh air.

Jiah Khan has done her role perfectly. Her medical student aura was perfect. And her LATOO was amazing, though it actually came at such an interjecting time in the movie.

Editing is near perfect. The film has been edited in such a way that the impact some scenes give you would be imprinted in your mind for a very long time. And while the action scenes have been choreographed and executed brilliantly, one will also feel for the way Aamir loves Asin untiringly even after her death. My heart actually wrenched for them. Watch out for the very last scene, you might shed a tear or two, who knows!

Though the flaws are many, one should not forget that this movie is supposed to be watched purely by heart, and not with a brain, which some idiots actually did.
All in all – a brilliant romantic action thriller! Go for it, and you won’t regret it, unless of course you hate Aamir to the core of your heart and could not bear to watch TAARE ZAMEEN PAR as well (which means that you really hate Aamir then, so you might as well skip this one if that’s the case).

WARNING: Not for the intelligentsia!