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Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 Music Review



Music of Gangs of Wasseypur - 2 is out on stands and the expectations are pretty much similar as one had with that of the first part. More so since one has realised the kind of structure and texture that composer, Sneha Khanwalkar and lyricist, Varun Grover have already offered just a few weeks ago. It was pretty much required that the music of this epical affair is situational and this is exactly what is on the cards for the sequel as well.


The album kick-starts with 'Chhi - Chha Ledar' which is indeed a cracker of a song. One has to compliment Sneha for the kind of fusion she brings to this four minute affair that is bound to play in your mind long after you have heard the song just once. Folk base of the song is complimented well by the Western arrangements and Durga's vocals only accentuate the overall appeal. A winner and also the kind that should light up the screen.

What follows next is another impressive number which succeeds in creating a good haunting mood. 'Kaala Rey' is the song in question and from being really expansive in the previous song, Sneha goes subtle in this endeavour of hers. While this song too is attached to its roots, 'Kaala Rey' boasts of the kind of presentation that should fetch it a much larger audience.

The song that repels though is 'Electric Piya' that tries to be all experimental and funny but hardly manages to impress a listener. Leave aside the words that only the lyricist could best explain, the very manner in which it is sung by Rasika D Rani makes you skip to the next song. Okay, so it is meant to be yet another song that belongs to its roots but frankly as a standalone number in the album, it just doesn't entice. The makers perhaps didn't think so and hence the song appears thrice, what with a 'Fused' version as well as the local version 'Taar Bijli' by Padmashree Sharda Sinha finding their way in the album as well.

There is even more repulsion that comes in with a musical piece 'Bahut Khoob' that again finds itself totally in an experimental zone. Various sounds are amalgamated with random words thrown in to create a unique sound. Of course it is something different and never heard before. Also chances are that if used well in the film, it may impress as well. However it would be futile to expect someone playing it on a repeat mode at home, despite the track appearing in 'Bahut Khoob' 8 Bit version as well.

Thankfully the album returns to track with 'Aabroo' which is fun all the way. Bhupesh Singh and Piyush Mishra come together for this rebellious track which reminds one of the music from the late 70s/early 80s. With the kind of arrangements that could well fit into a 'qawalli', what makes it special are the lyrics that should create a riot when the overall impact is created on the big screen. One waits to see if the song appears for a situation in the film when a political campaign is on.

While one waits to see that, there is a two minute piece that introduces one of the important characters from the film. Titled 'Perpendicular - Theme', the experiment creates a unique world for itself and ends up leaving a fair impact, what with amalgamation of various instruments giving it a cutting edge appeal. Same is the case with the musical piece 'Tunya' which comes a little while later.

However 'Moora' is far subtle in its appeal and with Sneha also coming behind the mike, she makes sure that as a listener you give the song good attention. Reminding of the kind of sound that was prevalent in the 50s, 'Moora' brings in some 'thehrav' in the proceedings and ends up gaining brownie points for the composer who is clearly not driven by the quintessential Bollywood diktats. The song also appears in a 'Moora-Morning' version and makes for a good hear again.

Icing on the cake comes in the form of KKL (which stands for 'Keh Ke Loonga') which had pretty much qualified as the theme sound of the film's first part. This time around the song finds itself on fire, what with Sneha going all out in giving an out and out Western touch, hence making it suitable for lounges and trance outings as well. This one deserves to be heard.


Music of Gangs of Wasseypur 2 works. It not just bears the kind of sound that one expected from the film but also goes one step further and creating the kind of mood and setting that was pretty much warranted for the music here. Though the music isn't for an out and out massy outing, there are quite a few pieces that should aid the narrative in moving forward and create an overall cinematic appeal.


Chhi - Chha Ledar, Kaala Rey, KKL Moora, Aabroo

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