3.5 Very Good

For the first time probably, I did NOT like the review by Taran Adarsh and finally registered with Indiafm to write a review of 'Gandhi My Father'.

The movie, although a good effort, seems really, really slow when you are in the first half. Though it gains a required level of pace in the second half. Also, especially in the first half again, the movie seems pretty biased and Gandhiji is dealt with just like a villain, whereas the son, Harilal, is shown as the victim of his father's deeds, always. In the second half of the movie, suddenly all the 'bad things' in him come out and he becomes a drunkard, who loses his wife, his family, his money, and starts cheating people in the name of 'Gandhi'.

As far as other areas of the movie are concerned, many things are really wonderful as well as powerful. For example, the Cinematography is one of the best things of the movie. Also, direction is pretty good and mostly, minute things are taken care of. But one of the few things I did not like about direction is that gujrati influence is shown nowhere on the language of any person and it is tilted more towards Urdu which I do not think would be the case. Even the direction of the marriage of Harilal is not according to the time which the movie shows.

Anyways, the movie surely depicts the other side of the father of the nation. Though the director seems to be exaggerating his point, we can say that he was not as good a father as he was a politician. And if you have any interest in the history of those times, movie should be given one watch.

Better have the DVD/CD and watch in parts I would suggest, or else you might decide to leave the hall during the interval if you are not patient enough. :)