5 Excellent

Dear Sir / Madam,
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to write a review of the movie. Now, I’m proud to judge One of the greatest Indian Movies.
One can easily understand the efforts & study undertaken by Director Mr. Kabir Khan. I’d also like to mention Producer Mr.Anil Kapoor, who as a debut producer dared such an enormous off-beat movie. First of all, let me Congratulate & Thank both of them for this excellent & memorable movie experience.
Overall movie ‘Gandhi-My Father’ succeeds well. The first half of the movie, shows us the relation between Harilal & his father Mahatma Gandhi; the up & downs in their relation; the reasons for their differences. While, the second half of the movie, opens the pages of the Harilal’s life after split with Mahatma Gandhi; his lonely life. And, I’ll say, the entire movie shows the awkward position of Kasturba Gandhi between her husband Mohandas Gandhi & her son Harilal.
All the performances in the movie are outstanding. Not only the individual performances but also the understandings between the characters are mutual. The central character of Mr. Harilal Gandhi played by Akshye Khanna is the best character he has ever portrayed. Akshye have really lived up to the Harilal’s role. The other two most important roles of the film are of Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi played by Darshan Jariwala & Shefali Chhaya, respectively. Mr. Darshan has clearly shown Gandhiji’s mind & thoughts through his expressions. Likewise, Shefali has done a real justice to the character she played. People can actually feel her uneasiness while going through the differences between Gandhiji & Harilal. Bhumika Chawla has tried her level best for the role of Harilal’s wife Gulab. The whole story revolves around these main four characters.
The dialogues are quite significant in the movie. They are as important as characters of the movie. Especially, dialogues for Gandhiji had to be balanced & fortunately they are. Audience didn’t feel the dialogues like they are sitting for some kind of lecture; this is the strength of the movie.
Background music plays important role to keep the story moving. The proper use of Flute & Sarangi is really appreciative. The Traditional music during Harilal’s marriage or Durga Festival, also takes the audiences back in those days.