5 Excellent

EK THA TIGER (Movie Review)
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!!
Well First time SALMAN KHAN working with YRF and the director is also KABIR KHAN And also again paired with KATRINA KAIF after long time and their chemistry.. So Expectations were awesomely high and the hype of the movie was as it will shatter all the records..
1. Firstly the movie comes full to the hype and expectations. History is being created with each single day.. The new combination has worked tremendously..
2. One of best cinematographed Film.. The locations are just awesome in the movie. Whether it is Iraq's border, or Turkey or Ireland or Cuba..All are very well picturized and filmed. You will love all the locations individualy..
3. It's not typical Salman Khan movie as DABANGG, WANTED style.. Here there is logic too.. And Story too..
4. It's a beautiful LOVE STORY with ACTION with it. It's Not a complete action Movie.
5. The action of ETT is the best action ever attempted in a Bollywood movie.. It is not larger than life action.. Hollywood style..
6. Start And Climax of the movie is Brilliant with action. First half is About love story .. And Second Is Fighting for LOVE.. Both Halves are tremendous .Still Second half is more Superb. Kindly see it is as a love story having action not see it is as a action having love story then u'll understand the logic of first half.
7. The is not a single moment where the pace drops or speed lackens..
8. Overall it's a great Love story with full top notch action, comedy, suspence and all what a total ENTERTAINER should have..
9. It's not an anti-Pakistani movie at all. Only ISI name is used but for that RAW name is equally used.. RAW name is Used even more than ISI in a negative manner.. If still anyone finds it anti Pakistani still it less anti Pakistani than VEER ZAARA.. So u can guess what extent it is.. CAN BE SAID THAT IT IS MOVIE ABOUT PEACE.. CLEAR INDICATIONS ABOUT THAT.. CANT GIVE DETAIL OF THAT AS IT WOULD BECOME SPOILERS..
10. Due to use of name of ISI the movie is not released in PAKISTAN.. not because it's anti-PAKISTANI. It should have been released.But if not released so we cant rub our Censor Board as if it would have been a Pakistani movie so India would also not had allowed it in India..