4 Very Good

One Thing Is Sure That Dum Maaro Dum Has Got Dum In It. No matter what others say about the film.
The film is a very fine thriller. The film's uniqueness lies in it's editing and slick direction. Abhishek is a tough and honest cop. But earlier he was a bribe loving cop who will go to any extent to fulfill the material desires of his family until one incident snatches his wife and child from him.

Goa is a place to be. Great beaches and sea side. But "Jannat Mein Bhi Saamp Baste Hain Aur Saale Kya Daste Hain". Unfortunately Goa has been turned into a drug haven by few bad people and the kingpin of the whole mess is drug lord, Aditya Pancholi. Abhishek is given the task to clean the place of all the mess by none other than the chief minister himself. He agree provided that no questions would be asked about his way of work and the team he chooses.
Will he be able to clean up the mess and restore jannat is what the film is all about.
Abhishek as a cop has done a very fine job. Aditya Pancholi as drug lord is also nice but could have looked more villanious. Bipasha shines in her role. Pratiek really looks like an innocent guy. Rana dagubatti as Prateik's brother also fits in his role very well.

Overall the film is a thriller and it's climax is gonna shock one and all. I fail to understand how Taran Adarsh can give 2.5 stars to this film. This unfortunately only lowers his credibility. Just go for it!!