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Dum Maaro Dum

One can have much expectations from a Pritam soundtrack for various reasons -
1. Not all of them, but one or two tracks from a Pritam soundtrack is sure to top the charts that year.
2. Pritam gives a sensation out of old songs revisiting the in his style just like "Parda", "Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo"
3. After "Dil Bole Hadippa" this is the second time Pritam & Jaideep Sahni come along.
and more like them. DUM MAARO DUM had created a heavy expectation by their MIT JAAYE GHAM Telecasting. It rocked better than the old one but some conspiracy and objecting is ought to come from them.

No one can forget the famous "DUM MAARO DUM, MIT JAAYE GHAM" from Hare Rama Hare Krishna(1971) sung by Usha Utthup & Asha Bhosle. Well the modern version doesn't disappoint us at all. Maybe it's a bit vulgar in lyrics, but the composition & beats carry up the charm in it. There's a sexy feeling in the song, which would have not been possible if Anushka Manchanda forbade to sing this. The lyrics by Jaideep Sahni have the feel of society and it's negative factors, but the song will not feel you so socialistic. When you watch Deepika shakin' her booty on this song, your hormones will stimulate even more fast. Thanks to Pritam for giving such good tributes now-a-days like "Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo, Parda" and we want more from him. Allover, it's a spectacular track which will be greatly appreciated by the Youth but those who love the old one, will get surprised after hearing the vulgar lyrics.

Goa, the place which DUM MAARO DUM surrounds and a Goa feeling was needed in a song. "TE AMO" fulfills that wish and with such sweet romanticism. We hear Ash King after a long time after "Suno AISHA" and Sunidhi Chauhan leads the female voice. Te Amo is a sweet romantic track that has mild rhythm in it as a cause of refreshment and has the power to be a cool listen. One doesn't seem to ignore or skip these type of romantic numbers. There's also a longer version of it which is sad version of it and sung alone by Sunidhi Chauhan. This one's impulsive but loses interest after a stake. We also have a reprised version of it with the exact lyrics of the original version and the best factor is that this one's sung skillfully by Mohit Chauhan. So, if u would like to listen to a track more mild than the original Te Amo, then you'll have to listen to this reprised version for not only that it is just conducted by a guitar but also the soothing voice of Mohit Chauhan. Also, there's a remix version of Te Amo remixed marvelously by Kiron Kamath.

If anybody's familiar with "Rabba" from " Aashayein", then one can instantly catch which track is "JIYEIN KYUN" mostly similar to. We have heard tracks like these before which are "Tujhi Mein", "Rabba", "Tum Mile - Rock Version" & more like them. Angarag Mahanta(Papon) is the new boy in who impresses us with this track. The lyrics of this song are a bit catchy, but the Shafqat Amanat Ali type vocal represents much wildness in it which is its plus point.

"Ab Mujhko Jeena" the last good song I've heard from Zubeen Garg from the movie "Aashayein". "JAANA HAIN" strongly imitates that free-spirited nature but however doesn't fully succeeds. Even the lyrics of the track are very impressive and charming, the composition here however fails to put such an impression. Zubeen tries his best but the song fails to give such a good feeling to the listener's mind. And the 6:15 minutes duration also makes it very slow in parts.

The feeling of 70's(Hare Rama Hare Krishna time) enters now at last in "THAYN THAYN". This track is a full-on rap filled cool track sung excellently by Abhishek Bachchan like he did in "Right Here Right Now" from another Rohan-Ramesh Sippy project "Bluffmaster". This track is cool enough to flow through your music veins and sizzle them. Abhishek Bachchan gives a good piece of Rapist-musical vocal along with great lyrics by Jaideep Sahni. This track can easily be kept in repeat mode.

At last, if I come to a conclusion, then DUM MAARO DUM is nothing so special what one desperately expected. Tracks like "MIT JAAYE GHAM" & "TE AMO" will greatly affect the promotion of the movie and will surely top the charts and others like "JIYEIN KYUN" & "THAYN THAYN" has probability to gain success after the release of the movie. Finally, DUM MAARO DUM is an album that has not enough 'Dum' to make all of its tracks perfect but has many reasons why people will love to hear many of good tracks.


'Mit Jaaye Gham', 'Te Amo', 'Thayn Thayn'