4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Brilliant...finally a sleek and well made exciting..Hinidi movie guys this is wat we all have been waiting for
Plus Points:1)Hve to say Yeh mera dil...kareena im dying to see u dance again...
2)The whole feel of the film is really good.stylish..classy..the action film weve grown up seeing in hollywood has finally been made in India
3)SRK...performed well...dint really expect it to be honest
4)Story and the new twists in the tale...awesome
5)Oh i forgot the action is really cool ya...best till now...specially the car chase in the middle of a basti..ya thts rite!
Minus Points:1)Length...cld be shorter...
2)Aaj ki raat..rnd tht song attention does tend to wander
3)The mistakes in the old don haven been rectified

Ive seen both the films and have to say that they both are brilliant...GO for them both