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Dil Ki Rani

Bombay-based wealthy Raj Kumari (Madhubala) lives with her widower father, Thakur Sangram Singh (Badri Prasad), a proud Rajput and former police officer, who, at one time, had worked for the British and had arrested Mohandas Gandhi and Motilal Nehru, repented, and not only quit but also joined the freedom struggle. She is an ardent fan of Kavi Madhav (Raj Kapoor), a radio singer, who resides on 205 Babulnath Road. She goes to meet him, both are attracted to each other, and she telephones her father to seek his approval. He arrives there, mistakenly thinks she has picked Bankey Bihari Singh (Shyam Sunder) as her partner. When clarity dawns, he instantly disapproves of Madhav, as he is a smoker and dislikes hunting. When Raj Kumari insists on marrying him, Sangram conspires with his Munshi (Munshi Khanjar) and together they concoct a number of plots that will result in misunderstandings and ultimate separation between the two.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)