4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Dhoom-2.. well its here now.one of the most hyped and awaiyed movies of 2006.had all the reasons....now the question is did it match the expectations ..?well..i wont comment on others coz everyone has their views. for me the movie belongs to one and only HRITHIK ROSHAN...if the movie is gonna be a big hit or gonna do well..HRITHIK is the BIG REASON behind it.just watch each and every frame of the movie which has HRITHIK..simply mesmerising.he looks HOT, he looks DASHING, his body language is UNMATCHABLE... all in one to say he OVERSHADOWZ every other person in the movie completely. is that good..? well.. as far as the business of the movie goes its OBVIOUSLY encouraging..!! among others ASH is a relevation and finds good chemistry with HRITHIK...ABHISHEK, well this guy has done a decent job but not as convincing...may be coz of the CHARIZMA created by HRITHIK. ABHI finds himself helpless when compared to the body language and style of HRITHIK, in each and every FEILD.BIPASHA is ok in the initial part and does add OOMPH.. in the later part..can b said that has done a fair job.UDAY is strictly ok..nothing special.
frankly speaking STORY is what the weakest part.. but the PICTURISATION is what covers that weakness..
STUNTS are path breaking and are surely the highlight of the movie...but still feel that KRRISH is by far the best in terms of ACTION.
MUSIC is weak.. but i agree with TARAN ADARSH that it is njoyed most when seen with the picturisation.only song which i was really excited and was disappointed terribly was "DONT TOUCH ME..." ABHI ....boy u really need to check our body language and moves.. better u could have avoided to shake u'r legs in that song.
rest other technical aspects of the movie like BACKGROUND SCORE, CINEMATOGRAPHY, CHOREAOGRAPHY, LOCATIONS AND SPECIAL EFFECTS are effective.!one thing which stans OUTSTANDING is the MAKE-UP and STYLISH...simply OUTSTANDING..!
SANJAY GADHVI has done fair enough job to keep up the spirits and he should be aknowledging HRITHIK who surely is the USP of DHOOM-2 .. its HRITHIK who will surely take away all the applauds and will make people go to theaters for the second time.
all in all a total popcorn flick which shouldnt be compared to HOLLYWOOD...its an INDIAN product and one can feel proud while showcasing infront of others, coz its worth getting ample praise at times..!!
go DHOOM again guys... atleast 4 HRITHIK magical ROSHAN