2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Well to start off had a lots of hopes after reading the reviews in Indiafm.com but everything faded when I saw the movie. I think Dhoom was better and also this one is bit Glossy and Plastic. The story is not that bad though the stunts and stills look excellent then are not so logical. Dude have some respect to Physics.

The action stunts look great when seen only in part but when seen with the whole sequence it just dull for me. For example when hrithik or Mr A steals the diamond, he is shown how he gets into the building but not how he is in that room with some many men guarding it and how does he leave out. There are many this is just one of them.

And the final sequence when Ash shoots Hrithik,it does not click immediately that everything from with the chase was preplanned and that was a good plan. The scene just flows and you really dont give in much thought. Why do Abhi and Uday stay in Monali's (Bipasha 2) house?

The pluses from the movie is the looks of the actor. Except Abhi everyone else looks great. Ash and Hrithik are outstanding and performance wise they were good. Uday is OK. Probably he is not natural at comedy but manages well. Bipasha has a role of no substance but she did the scenes well. Abhi was of less impact i guess. Overall this is a OK movie. Just for timepass. Seeing it once is more that enough.