1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

I cant believe that Taran has given Dhomm 2 this kind of review.You can easly see some kind of Favourasim involved in Tarans Review.

Ok Let me give the perfect Review of the film.

I must admit that i was never a fan of Hrithik but after seeing Krish and Dhoom 2, I have changed my mind.He is just fabulous.He has grown alot in a year or so.His body,expressions are excellent,but other then him every body else sucks.I cant believe when i heard the news that Abhishek was voted sexiest man in bollywood.

Come on give me a brake,I have got maid in my house who is better looking then him.Abhishak,uday were just crap.Aishwarya looked stunning as bipasha but their roles were wasted completely specially Bipasha.

The movie was fresh,cool but the there were lots of faults in the movie in terms of all the robberies e.g,in crystal robbery, the gaurds cant see what was happening with that thing on the floor,may be they were blind.

The bullets were crazy,heros get away with standing in front.The stunts were just froced in to the movie,they were not the part of the movie.

Dancing was exellent as were the songs,

But over all I was disappointed apart from hrithik every one else sucks big time.