4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

well its a nice movie something which bollywood should be proud of for this movie reflects the progress of bollywood who are not just copycats or repeating over same scenario over n over again

But have u pondered wat if hrithik wud have been the real villain??? who would have dared to stop him from taking the best actor in a negative role award??

using some common sense if aish wud have still been the police spy; n hrithik, though he knows it, acted like ignorant n committed the theft by his art of changing faces? then only we would see the impact of hrithik n his art in this movie this would create a real dhoom on box office. this would show how hrithik is a real nuisance for the police he's just too intelligent n smart...

anyone going to watch dhoom didnt want any love story but purely action thrill n suspense so these love stories could have been cut short and the fight between bachchan junior n mr A shud have been longer, something like Don

nevertheless it is a worth watching movie which i enjoyed. some more attention to the songs n thrills wud certainly increase the rating of this movie... one of the blockbuster of the year n maybe a true face of hrithik,s talent