2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 is the most publicised hindi film of the year.It is not gud when compared with the older Version.This one proved to be yet another Casino Royale like kind f film.I mean,excellent first half and disappointing second half.Dhoom 2 is more of a masala flick.It is targetted for the masses(Aam junta).The way the films opens and the robbery scenes in the first half makes you spellbound.But the film fails miserably in the second half.Infact the screenplay was worst.Music by Pritam is insipid.Hrithik Roshan excelled.He is the forte for the film.He proved yet again that his talent is way above the Bollywood.The way he danced,the chasing sequences in the first half are awesome.The stage is set for him to explore Hollywood.Speaking abt Abhishek,He s done ok.Since the major focus was towards Hrithik and his performance dominated the entire film.Uday overdone his job.
Now,i have to speak abt the heroines of the film.Bipasha did in this film wht she s supposed to do r wht she had done all these years in films like Jism,Omkara etc.So no issues abt that.And infact she irritated in the second half.The real surprise r rather weakest one of the film is Aishwarya Rai.She tried to convice that she is nt only beautiful but she can do the other things and look stunning like Bipasha,Mallika sherawat etc.But they r diffrent in their own way and Aishwarya is different.Aish failed in her new avatar.She is only beautiful and she must nt try to explore other areas.
Well,Dhoom cud ring cash registers since it got all the masala that a film requires.But the film is below expectations.I dont think this film will be in the league of Lage Raho,Krish,Don which were the super hits of this year.It is an avg film with exceptional first half.