5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

well...yeah...the movies excellent. comprising fully of all the action v wud never imagine Dhoom 2 makes us go dhoom all away. Dhoom 2 has all the features of a james bond 00, i.e,a hero, a villian, brains, hot gals........jst da type of film u wud want to c. abhisek was very convincing in his cop role....ash luked damn hot and so was her performance....this is the frst time i see substance in her acting after devdas........uday was reely gud....dhoom wont b complete without he and his dreamz....bipasha was gud at the frst half but bcame a waste in da second half(as twin sister).........and wat can i say about hrithik??? even the Oxford dictionary(2007) doesnt have words to describe him. he's fantastic in da frst half, elastic in ths songs and gives a bomblastic performance. though i didnt like da end..i wont say no watch this movie another time....its simply a 3 hr blockbuster....uf corse i did fell smething wrong in da movie & did miss john but the protoganists covers it all. two thumbs up1!!!!