0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

The movie totally sucks. YASH CHOPRA is actually trying to show off a lot of American and Foregin cultures to the Indians people who are absolutely clueless about it. Aishwarya was a total flop in the movie. Over actng and try to act with an "american style of life" using the words, "like" everytime and saying the word, "cool" in a foregin accent. The dialogues sucked and Abhishek was given over importance as a cop. He was shown such a cop that could conquer anything. If that's so, then he should be sent to Afghanistan to catch Laden. Common Yashji, you can even make this possible in your movie. Your movies are totally senseless and clueless. Shooting a movie in foregin countries doesn;t make the movie hit. The only reason D2 was given a hit was because of its publicity. This movie doesnt even deserve any stars. STUNTS and the movies are totally aimless. The movie takes you throughout the world in 180 minutes. Waste of money if watched in a Theater. I don't even know how this Indiafm people rate this movie as 4.5 star. They did the same thing for KANK which was a Kalank