5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

I saw Dhoom II, and here is my review. SPOILERS!!! To those who wants to keep it an identity..please skip this review. All suspense that has been broken, am sorry..Its urs to blame.

First of all, AWESOME SHOW!! KYA MAST HAIN YAAR!! There are some parts which I was really,really...REALLY angry about but that comes later. Now will tell you about the story. Just one word, DHOOM!!!! But all the wait was worth it.

Clad with all blue, blue shows, blue long sleev t-shirt and blue glasses but long,curly hair..mind you...I came to the cinema spot at Jurong Point around 12.55- 1 pm to get the tickets but the story was to be shown at 2.50 pm. (Am a HR and AB fan remember?) So i got the tix and called my friend to hurry up. She arrive at around 2.10 pm. While waiting I played some games at the arcade. Time Crisis sure put my mood back into shape. So when my friend arrived, we hung out at the mall before going to the show. When we arrived there, to our Horror, The show was cancelled.. i repeat with a capital C-A-N-C-E-L-L-E-D...[b]CANCELLED!![/b] I was in shock! The patron said that the show was having some technical error but they will give me a refund and may watch another movie but i was like Noooooooooooooo......I want to watch THIS movie so he said Okay but it will be the 5.50 show and the tix are much expensive and I was like.. How much I'm ready to pay any amount just for this show! And he was like, $4 and I was like, Kick a fuss for $4? Nevermind I will get it. Now by this time, some of the "Dhoom II"-eans were around me, listening to the convo and they were like, "Haila, show cancelled ho chuki hain..ab kya karu?" I went to the counter to get a refund and bought another two tickets for Dhoom II show. Now since the show was at 5.50pm and it was only 3pm.. I had NO IDEA where to go. So this I shall skip.

We arrived at the cinema spot about 2 minutes late. By this time, the cinema was PACKED! When we reached our seats, the show was already on. The Train scene was on. My seat was at the far end of the aisle and am sooo sorry to those whom I stepped on the feets.. As I sat, the Queen was talking..Blah blah blah..Suddenly, out comes a parachuter with in red. First when the butt came out on screen I was like.."YES!!" (not in that way...) And it was ..yes.. Hrithik!! OH GOSH..to those who heard that he was wearing as a woman.. CORRECT!! He looks pretty though as an old woman. Can't believe they found someone so similar to him?. Now "A" marks the spot and the crown is gone. Hrithik took off his woman mask and the girls in the cinema started clapping and cheering. I wanted to follow too! But my friend was staring at me...lol.. And the opening song..GOSH!! HRITHIK HRITHIK EVERYWHERE!!! He was awesome but the chorus dance could have been better. When the song was over, girls clapped again. It was wonderful.

Next was Udays part. I almost laugh out loud coz nobody clapped for him. When Abhishek came out, girls were clapping and cheering. LOL! But Uday was great. I swear. His sense of humour is what I must say..." Never there when you are aware" Rimi sen is there, pregnant and grumpy. They were talking about Abhishek having an affair but he can't coz heis so grumpy and all karela type and they laugh. Thats where Bipasha came in. Shonali Bose. She came and Uday was like all in La-la land and act tough and found out she was Abhisheks old mate. She was in love with him and he tries to make her fall in love with her which was sooo not her type.

Now next stealing was to be held and Abhishek cracked the code. Hrithik was hot!! Mr A. Mr A-ma-die-if-ya-do-this-kinda-role-again. Now I dunno what is in Sanjay G. and toilets but that is where Hrithik came. Abhishek thought he was at the right place when he cracked the code again and realise, Hrithik was at where Uday was! He called Uday to go back to the place. When Uday arrived, guess who? Yup Hrithik in one of his disguise. See that to know which Disguise. Hmm, upto this part, i forgot what happened.. or maybe I'm just giving u some suspense..teeheee!!! All I could say was.. The end reminds me a lot of Bunty aur Babli BUT!!! Hrithik was still damn cue.." I'm still on strike.." LOL!!!

[b]Now Songs review...[/b]
[b]Dhoom Again[/b]- Was all time song! Loved it! Keeps you in ur seat till the movie start! Keeps you looking at Hrithik, finding a flaw which was never there! but i must say, the chorus dance could...could have been better. But Haila..Its Hrithik...MROWR!!!

[b]Touch Me[/b]- Was a time pass song. Abhishek's dance could have been better. He looks as if he was trying too hard to follow. But he is still the one!! And Bipasha was sexy, rexy, texy, mexy, with everything in XY!!! Gosh!!

[b]Crazy Kiya Re[/b]- Just to say, Ash can't dance hip hop. I dunno where she is going at times, but she was great. The dance was perfect but during at times, you could see a little bit of "going-around-the-trees" type of facial expression in the "hip-hop-Yo-Brotha!" type of song.

[b]My Name Is Ali[/b]- Please do not skip this song. There are some parts of it where hrithik is very, very, very cute in it! Especially when he eats a burger! LOL!!

[b]Dil Laga Na[/b]- NOW I know why Hrithik has that angry face in that song. He looks like he was angry with Aish right? He was! GAWD!! The energy!! The Emotions!! The Feelings!!! The Monkey dancing in the back but WHO CARES!! Its Hrithik!!! The end of the song really got me teary eyed. Watch it and you'll find out why.

Bipasha Basu[/b]- Sensuous, all time sexy girl! Though she can't play serious though. I can't see her being serious. Dunno why... hmm OH but she is great playing the Rio girl!!.. rating.. 3.9 / 5

[b]Uday Chopra[/b]- This Monkey grew up to be a Gorrilla!!! Gosh his timings for comedy.. His "entrygate" LOL!!!! Was awesome.. Total Dhoom! rating.. 4.2 / 5

[b] Abhishek Bachchan[/b]- He was too serious. I don't like it. But he is hot. Though he has to shave that beard off now coz someone cried during the movie. LOL!!! rating... 4 / 5

[b[Aishwarya Rai[/b]- I dislike her for being close to Hrithik. I dislike her for kissing Hrithik.. with tongue!! GAWD!!!! But she is sexy, quite a good role. The words of " Like..this..Like...that" reminds me of Paris Hilton. She is great at times... But i still dislike her... Gawd, I had to keep my eyes shut when they kissed...yuck!! I don't mind Hrithik kissing Kareena.. but why Aishwarya!! (Don't answer! You'll make my mood become more worst) rating 3.5 / 5..(at least i gave a rate..okay..)

[b]Hrithik Roshan[/b] Hrithik was right. He is no villain. He is just a Law Breaker. And Heart Breaker also!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH... I WOULD KILL ALL THE BOYS JUST TO GET A BOYFRIEND LIKE HIM!!!! But I accept him as a brother, so i have to control. YAAR!! A thief like him, who wouldn't fall for him?!?!!? His emotions!! HE LOOKS GREAT IN WHITE!! Watch the part where He is clad in all white!! White bandana, white t-shirt, white pants, white shows..GOSH!! HE LOOKS HOOOOT!!! Somebody make an avi with that PLEASE!!!! This is the only movie I personally ADORE him being Angry. His anger..oooh..goes up to your spine!! He is sooo hot!! Oh and am gonna tell you one disguise that he did.. Rohit KMG.. Yes! Rohit is there but where? Watch it and find out. rating... 50 / 5! LOL.. okay fine 5 / 5

[b]Overall rating... [/b]

9.4 / 10