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Dev D

Dev D.

What is it? Just because you bend the moulds and use bold concept, language, scenes etc does a movie become path breaking?

Who is doing what in this movie?

I stopped watching it when Paro beats Sunil as he whistle blows his escapades with her to Dev.

I knew how the movie is going to go forward. I could even guess the modern avatar of Chandramukhi.

Predictable, or what?

Let me understand this a little more clearly, it’s obvious that Paro is been doing everything in his absence and that’s what director wants to depict very covertly in suggestive dialogues and half finished sentences

Putting it explicitly it reads………………..

A young Punjabi girl now a day does everything before marriage still loves somebody with all her heart is utterly shameless in front of her parents. (Anurag, you are the dude!)

In a disguised form and with the help of a literary masterpiece Anurag Kashyap wants to float pornographic concepts.
This is just what we need, after our little English boy Danny showed how a slum infested India is shining through call centers and KBC.

Also what is Dev doing? Why is he drinking so much, he likes Paro she is available to him,he is a modern guy and been in London but just does not accept that she is been sleeping around.

How impossible?

This is a psychological, situational fallacy

Old Devadas was bound by tradition ,in a rigid society and this frustration he tries to mitigate with whiskey.

What is Dev D frustrated for…he isn’t suppressed in any ways.
Either he is impotent or totally bipolar.
He takes to drinking because director wants him to be a wastrel; this does not springs from the plot.

Turn of the century dialogues my foot......Bandit queen had turn of the century dialogues in early 90s.

I am extremely uncomfortable with a six or 8 year old crooning
“kabhi mere saath koi raat gujar…………..”.

I am utterly disgusted with Dev D becoming mainstream. Not because of its explicitness but because of the covert way,sexual symbolism and blending of porno concepts with a literary classic.

This is more dangerous than making porn itself,

I can still understand Paris Hilton and Kim kardashiyan in doing porno, atleast its just base desires, green money and pure trash not glorified with classic storyline.

Dev D,I don’t!Can’t understand it!

This way to twist human dilemma, desires, carnal needs in chocolate candy marketing wrapper and selling to young Kids…………………why?

We were never afraid of sexuality, built khajuraho, wrote the sutras around the basic carnal sins and revered it.
What have we come down to? Dev D.
That is still OK………this being called art ,path breaking, revolutionary………uff…just should make any educated person writhe in his own puke.

Dev D. is retrograde; it pushes Bollywood back in covert symbols and suggestions.We have had enough of that with hero and heroine grinding their pelvis suggestively .Hero running his hands a milli meter away from leading lady’s butts and bossom.

So what did Dev D do deiffrent?

Like remix now there will be spate of classics bent and twisted with VULGAR dialogues, suggestive scenes and off course empty story lines.

Here is a plot hole for all of you

Why is Paro printing her naked photo from a studio, this is set in modern times doesn’t she have a camera phone which can download JPGs in PC so that she can directly send it to Dev.

No she has to print it, scan it, running all around,

Anurag just wants to tantalize our minds and make us more dumb with a handful dosage of his gyan ,his version of Devadas and his ideas of modern sexuality.

Call it a good entertainment .I will accept it

Call it art? No Way!

I am young, modern and I take part in almost all vices but I still have some intelligence left.

Abhijeet Dudhagi