1 Poor

This week new release the hyper- controversial “DESHDROHI” directed by Jagdish Sharma, staring, Kamal R Khan (KRK) Gracy singh, Manoj Tiwari, Harshita Bhatt etc. movie is based on state war within country. It is a good issue on paper as well on screen too but if it was presented more dramatically or even better way. The movie starts with KRK and ends with KRK, each of the sequence contain the Actor, Producer, and Writer (KRK). Its Screenplay (KRK) has so many holes like fishing net that prove to be a punishment for the audience. For an example in a sequence, KRK is standing on a bus stop, saw a bicycle and went in to the memories of 15 minutes including an item number.
KRK the lead of the enterprise looks awkward on screen; his dialogue delivery is so bad that you feel to be embarrassed by him. When he dances, he looks like an idiot.
Movies has number of artist but none of has done any single effort.
The failure of this movie is credit to its director Jagdish Sharma.
After all this I’ll recommend you for this movie, watch it for ultimate laugh riots and rib-cracking acting by the actors or Gracy Singh beating up 5 to 6 men on street. A disastor for a such a relevant issue.