3.5 Very Good


Movie is Entertaining in its own kind of way. But we ask questions about this movie is being better than 3-Idiots; answer is NO. Now lets gets into explanation of: Positives: Salman Khan for sure and the music were really good. Movie as whole is complete entertainer. The way Salman has acted in the movies is one of the reason why you should go and watch this movie. Second reason is the music, background score just suits or we can say made for the movie. There are negatives attached to this movie: No story if you going there, having a hope to watch a movie with some story in it then, don't waste your time or money. Movie has a few minutes of if and but of boring side but it will go so quick that you don't even realize a single minutes of boring moment. I don't write down the movie sequence here because i don't want to ruin the surprises of the movie who is reading my reviews. For Salman's fan it a treat to watch him in this action mode.
Action of the movie is just superb, seems like director of the movie is watching too much Telugu movies because those kind of action, i have ever seen was in Telugu movies. Non the less action is good regardless of it not making sense at all.
So if you are planning to go and watch this movies please go for it, but do not bring you mind to this movies, all you need is eyes, ears and heart to laugh and watch and then pass it on to your friends. For me this movies is ***1/3 (3&1/2 star)