4.5 Excellent

Dabangg 2 (Movie Review)

Kamaal Karte Ho Pandey Ji..!!

Very less movies has such great expectations, After a success DABANGG , DABANGG2 could not go wrong. So High high high expectations..And the hype or craze of movie was mindblowing. Altough I was feeling that this movie
will be just a good one. Lets see what I found out.

1. Firstly the movie comes full to the hype and expectations and am happy that my thinking became wrong. History is bound to be created with each single day as it a non holiday Movie.
2. Arbaaz Khan took the movie where it was left in first and he has taken it to a new level totally and has delievered what the team of DABANGG2 has promised it to be.
3. It’s all and all Salman Khan in Dabangg 2. And that is the major plus of the movie like DABANGG or DABANNG2 .His Character CHULBUL PANDEY is just a evergreen character.
4. Relations have been shown beautifully.
5. Songs are not to the extent of first part but still they are awesome in the movie.
6. Start of the movie means starting credits are awesomely shown with dabangg glimpsesd. The start of the movie is not very great but after 15 minutes or so the movie starts rising and it remains rised till the very end credits. And it’s not a total comedy. Emotional and serious scenes are awesome. Few scenes are quite hilarious.
7. The is not a single moment where the pace drops or speed lackens..
8. Overall it's a great family movie with full top notch action, comedy, massy and all what a total ENTERTAINER should have..