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Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! Music Review



There is fair deal of apprehension that one has before playing on the music of Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai! The film looks outdated to the core and though the makers have tried to add in spice by bringing on Veena Malik in her first ever lead role, by the look of things one can clearly foresee things going really wrong here. The starting point here is music by Aabfm and one just hopes against hope that there may be a surprise or two in store.


Disaster strikes quite early in the day with Ritu Pathak crooning 'Madam Malai' for Veena Malik. Okay, so there has been 'Jalebi Bai' as well as 'Shalu Ke Thumke'. However this one is a plain downer, what with lyricists Naresh and Anand Balraj going all out to make the song enticing and not succeeding one bit. If lyrics and music are plain bad here, one has to see the song's picturisation to believe the kind of low that 'Madam Malai' takes.

If this wasn't enough, the musical team takes the album as well as film 30-40 years back with a track that sings glories of - hold your breath - 'Vada Pav'. This is what the song has been titled as well and with Vinod Rathod given charge to go all out with his vociferous self, the results are expectedly bad. Written by Nasir, the song goes into 'biryani', 'bangla', 'gaadi', Ambani, Salman, Mumbai and other things before coming back to 'Vada Pav'. A quick skip that can't be tolerated for even half its duration.

From this point on lyricist Vijay Akela takes over though one doesn't really expect any turnaround in the fortunes of Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai!. Mamta Sharma who can be heard singing item numbers for any and every film today gets one to her name in this film as well and expectedly, the song belongs to an 'outright reject' category. Yet another song that hails the glory of Mumbai, 'Mumbai Money Hai' is set in the 80s and doesn't even justify the sensibilities of the era gone by.

By the time 'Apun Ki Life' comes, one wonders whether the film should have had Mumbai in its title. Third song in a row with Mumbai as a centre of attraction, it could well be a record to have as many as three songs about the city in a single Bollywood album. Still, one gets reasonably interested in listening to the song since Amit Kumar returns after a hiatus behind the mike. However the very fact that he was roped in this setup means it would have been futile to expect anything worthwhile. This is exactly the case as he along with Bali Brahmabhatt only brings on yet another absolute downer in the album.

Arun Daga is the singer roped in for 'Nadiya' and this time around the makers try to get all philosophical by talking about 'jeevan' being compared with 'nadiya ka paani' and stuff alike. Well honestly, by this time it is clear exasperation that sets in and though the musical team tries to get in an element of rock into the proceedings, it is time to say 'sayonara' to the album and just move on.


Outdated to the core, this one is a quick-skip.



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