3 Good

Crook: It’s Good To Be Bad

Neha Sharma looks really ‘hot and sweet’ in the movie. She does minimal acting in the movie, except pouting her lips, giving cute innocent-looking smiles, and wearing tiny clothes with loads of accessories. Well, we didn’t watch the movie to see her acting skills and she didn’t disappoint us at all with her looks; but sadly she looks destined to join the one-movie wonders like Geeta Basra, Sayali Bhagat and Sonal Chauhan!!!

Emraan comes good once again and charms us with his cool effortless acting. His keeps his time-tested bad-boyish & ‘who gives a damn’ attitude in this movie as well; and does so quite convincingly.

Bhatt camp has come up with some excellent music once again with atleast 3 chartbusters in this album. First one is the peppy track ‘kya’ by Neeraj Shridhar. Then there is the high-pitched and intense romantic vocals of KK in ‘tujhi mein’ . & last but not the least, there is the soft mushy romantic number ‘tujhko jo paaya’ by Mohit Chauhan. Also there is a nice Punjabi track ‘challa’ to add to the album.

The movie also boasts of the super 10/10 hottie Shella Allan who plays a blond bombshell stripper in the movie; ‘n there are some real steamy scenes between her and Emraan too.

Now, where does the movie go wrong? Although the 1st part of the movie has a breezy romance between the lead pair, the 2nd part is a copy of ‘I proud to be an Indian’. And to make matters worse, Arjan Bajwa- the chocolatish model boy, has been casted as the macho Indian who takes revenge on the Autralians. He doesn’t suit the bill at all. ‘The motu from sprite ad’ is his accomplice in the fight … its really puzzling how could the director cast him in something other than a comedy role. Beware, do not even try to look for a plot in the movie, as it could only leave you disappointed.

Overall, I’d give Crook a 3-star rating for the hot babes, nice music and cool dude Emraan.