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Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Music Review



One didn't really expect a soundtrack for Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein. Hence, it was a surprise to know that there as many as four tracks composed for the film. Since the Naseeruddin Shah starrer deals with drugs, it is pretty much on the cards that the musical team of Harry Anand, Vishal Mishra, Gurinder Seagal, Rohit Kulkarni, Sandeep Nath, Karan Arora and Nishant Lal would have come together for a psychedelic trance score.


The album kick-starts on expected lines with Neha Kakkar and AJ Singh coming together for yet another 'Manali Trance' [The Shaukeens] kind of an outing with 'I Am Single'. A naughty and playful number that has a good rhythm to it, this one may not boast of lyrics worth remembering but scores on the simplicity quotient. All in all, a decent start for the soundtrack with the kind of beats and singing that tease indeed or a good eight minute duration.

Nisha Mascarence is heard in the title track 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein', which starts with the sound of 'Who The F is Charlie'! A random piece that doesn't really have much of a flow to it, it tries to get all haunting and intriguing but doesn't quite succeed in doing so.

Another version of the title song 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein', though with a different tone and sound to it, is heard with Neha Kakkar coming back on the scene again. This one has Indian Idol fame Abhijit Sawant joining Neha but even together, they aren't really able to bring much on board, despite a 'desi' rhythm to the song. A number that can be given a quick skip.

Actor Amit Sial turns singer for a song that has been titled 'Saali Bhand'. One wonders if there are no Censor regulations on play when it comes to the music since rest assured, with Censor guidelines in play, these words would raise quite a few eyebrows once the film is set to release on screens. As a standalone song too, this one is totally avoidable and one wonders how it would be utilized in the film.




'I Am Single'

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