3 Good

Chandni Chowk To China

These are some of the movies Mr. Taran Adarsh has given good reviews comparing to cc2c

yuvraaj - 3 stars (he must be kidding)
golmaal returns- 2 stars (can't stop laughing at this one)
bhoothnath - 4 stars (are you serious??)
karzzz - 4 stars (mr. taran has lost it)

All these films were nothing but nonsense, and cc2c is much much better. Now would you still believe Mr. Taran Adarsh who just wants to sit on his ass and criticize people's hard work?? If he is so intelligent why can't he make a blockbuster movie and let the public decide whats good and bad.

I'm not saying cc2c was very good, but it wasn't that bad either and considering the good reviews mr. taran has given to other useless movies, cc2c deserves a much better review.

The critics in india watch a movie keeping in mind the star's status and then judge it. Is it hard to judge an actor for his acting keeping aside the high expectations.

It was a different story not like Ghajini which was an old 80's story freshly packaged. I'm not even saying cc2c was better than ghajini but every movie has its good side and flaws..ghajini wasnt perfect but people loved it.. Mr. Taran asks for justifications about some of cc2c sub - plots...how come he never asked for any justification about how aamir got the tatoos in ghajini or did he just believe the narrator..

I'm really surprised how indian critics criticize movies..I feel even the old man who watches every indian movie and is always on television to give his review is much better than any of you mainstream critics...

I really would like to see if mr. taran adarsh can direct a movie or even be a writer (duh!!)