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Chandni Chowk To China

Having exams didnt deter my determination from watching CC2C. Having the weekend off for an open paper i set forth with my friend for the first day first show. If u ask me if it was worth the hype... i
dont know... Read below and u judge :-) The story is nothing new.. a powerful villain , suffering villagers, twin children seperated at birth , a silly , bordering on stupidity hero ,a kungfu trainer and the all knowing ,good hearted father and a money minded back stabbing friend . Put all these together and u have yourself a movie !! The plot is so thin and predictable that i am avoiding mentioning it at all !! ( a first for me !! ) About the performances , Akshay kumar as the bumbling fool is good b
Chandni Chowk to China

ut i was always aware of the fact that it was akshay playing the role, ie i didnt ’feel’ the character he was playing at most times. Deepika Padukone has nothing much to do , but she almost pulls off some unnecessary stunts. Gordon liu as hojo truly shines but they put some unwanted and untasteful scenes if you may to show his evil side. ROger Yuan as the hinidi speaking police cum kung fu trainer is average. Ranvir shorey irritates and Mithun da provides justice to the small role provided. Not to forget the side chinese characters who does what they are expected to do. The songs are unwanted but the cinematography is excellent. I cannot predict as of now if the movie will be a hit as i have noticed that most movies in which the main lead is an idiot works well , i never know why... maybe because some relate to them or maybe because some feel good about the fact that they arent as idotic as him , but it always works... its a theory i have been trying to prove, i mean check it out why is it that Joey from friends was one of the most popular characters ?? Or what about dumb and dumber ? Bedazzled ?? or our very own RNBDJ where though SRK wasnt an idiot he was clearly a geek ?? I am out of examples at the moment but if u think about it you know its true. The world just relates to a loser guy !! Ah getting back to CC2C , negatives aside there are some good scenes and dialogues which tries to redeem it. I have but one advice for you guys.... watch the movie with the same sensibility and expectation with which you watched kung fu hustle. Given not much options to choose from this week go ahead and watch , but just dont expect too much if anything out of it