3 Good

Break Ke Baad

Watching this film doesn’t offer you any new package of love story but it even doesn’t bores you. Yes you may be uncomfortable for some time especially in the mid of second half where the film gets too out of the yard and put all the blame to the screenplay writers who gives a shoddy screenplay in second half. Though the film lasts only for 1.45hours, you feel it long and stretched in second half. There are many such breaks in between but they are petty. Instead of such differences, “Break Ke Baad” grips you, if you promise to stay faithful to the characters it has. Leave it on the lead performers whose donning of role makes you believe their characters. Imraan Khan is just stepping up by every film and this one is another example. Deepika is spontaneous in whole film and she enjoys herself. Their friends played by Shahana and Yudishtir give full support to their respective characters while Sharmila and Rati are simply great. Vishal Shehkar puts their best in their all composed songs which the film wouldn’t mind even if there are many songs. The script may not be different, screenplay may not be as efficient but the dialogues, the costumes, the cinematography are outstanding. The film isn’t exactly a rom-com because there aren’t many jokes, though they try a hard to make you laugh. There are emotions that emotes you and there are many such as the one on the Deepika’s birthday when she offers Imraan a piece of cake in a plate instead of making him eat though her hand; that scene is the best. Such scenes are there but could have been well directed. It doesn’t mean it’s a serious take on relationship, but a loosely well entertaining film. The director does it all to make it a youthful film as with the lingo, the expressions, use of facebook. These reasons appeal you to watch this cool enterprise of a break in relationship.
Review: 3/5