5 Excellent

This is a techinally perfect FUN FILLED ride from bollywood. For the first time ever I have seen an indian action movie of this standard. In the end it delivers what it promises... superb action.. The story is not that bad either, but in a movie like this you go for thrills & action not for mushy love lines... This is not a movie for mushy lovy dowy types.. its pure testosrone filled adredeline ride... To those morons who are giving it a low rating you have no idea what is a perfect ation movie. In the movie Sanjay Dutt looks superb (in 2 or 3 scenes he looked a bit fat) but in others he rocked... Akshay Kumar was good and so was every1 else in the movie... Anthony has managed to make the gr8test action movie from india with perfect cast and crew... Anthony if your reading this I wana say "You put money where your mouth is and made a moster of a movie, congratss" - MUST WATCH FOR THOSE WHO LIKE PERFECTLY CRAFTED ACTION MOVIES - MAKES DHOOM LOOK LIKE A MOVIE MADE BY KIDS -