5 Excellent

While most movie critics have done their job of dissecting BLUE to be a directorial disaster and having a weak story line, what they have actually done is to benchmark it to a typical Bollywood movie.

How many of the present lot of directors would think of having the lead star without a heroine for the entire length of the movie, and go all out to make a movie that we would love to have but only if offered by a Hollywood director not from a ‘desi’ director.

While Indians have liked Jaws and Titanic, National treasure was a big hit, no one questioned the logic behind the story or any of the scenes, but, when a desi director does international quality work, everyone sits up and puts in their two bits of opinion.

A great man had once said– Opinions are like belly buttons– everyone has one.

The so called critics are making comments more on a personal front with some critics giving it bad reviews only because their competitors have raved about it or because they share a bias or loyalties as you may call it to certain producers.

In BLUE the underwater sequences are beautiful, the bike races world class, the actors especially Lara and Akshay look stunning and very different from their earlier movies.

Overall the movie is visual treat and you can sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bahamas.

As a movie buff all I can say is every movie is special, you got to go figure for yourself and stop being a football of other people’s opinions.