3.5 Very Good


It's good to see the Indian cinema is actually getting matured. I mean really, it is coming out of it puberty and stepping towards the adulthood.

Revenge drama, anti-hero, realistic story telling and gory bloodshed. Nothing of them is new in Indian cinema, in fact our very own SRK actually made them as his stepping stones towards success. No nothing is new except the way this story is told, in a typical Neo-Noir style.

If the strength of this movie is Nawaz and all the other female actors (Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte, Divya Dutt and Yami Gautam) the weakness is definitely Varun Dhawan. May be he has the best screen presence comparing to every other actors in this film but he is totally misplaced and miscast in this revenge saga.

Now about the story, it's about murder, revenge murder, revenge sex, revengeful mind-games and manipulation, which is of-course backed up by some gory brutality and blood-spill. A young man loses his wife and kid when 2 bank robbers car-jacked them after a bank robbery. One of the robber kills them in cold blood by pushing the kid out of the car and then shooting the wife. Now as I've already ticked the box of 'Contains Spoiler', I can tell you, when the main antagonist confess killing them saying he wasn't thinking straight, I begged to differ.

Rest is about how the vengeful husband takes his revenge pretty much on everybody who's involved, including the NGO worker who tried to free the antagonist.No he didn't kill her.

Please go and watch this movie if you like Revenge Drama and have a stomach for gory violence; Caution: The violence in it is not only physical it is psychological also.