3 Good

Makers were completely confused about their point of view while making this film so as I was confused to decide my side. Only, one page disclaimer of film is in detail which says that it doesn't claim to be real other wise all scenes are very hurried. Makers assumed that every one is well versed with the personal and professional happenings in Azhar life. Flashback type of narration is boring. Cricket scenes are not interesting. Dialogues by writer of film Rajat Arora, are OK but most of the time go over board like in beginning of film, Azhar voice over comes that as an Indian Cricket Team captain, public used to of treating him like Damad, what is it!!!? Wouldn't it be better if he said like Beta. Writer had to be aware that it is not "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai". If actor is unable to carry emotional scene then director shakes the camera like in the scene where Azhar gets news of his maternal grand father demise. Court room scenes are also more about heavy dialogues rather then witty and intelligent facts. In serious court scene they insert comedy which comes prominently eventually drastically reducing the required impact of scene. Casting is ridiculous. Not a single actor convinces about the real name, he was portraying including female one. Emraan Hashmi as Azhar is OK. Prachi Desai as his wife looks pretty and emotes well especially in the scene when she gets information about another girl in her husband life through his indirect confession on T.V. Kunal Roy Kapoor as lawyer Reddy is fantastic. Rest are nothing to be mentioned.