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Kamini (Kamini Kaushal) lives an impoverished lifestyle with her parents, and is in love with her unemployed neighbor, Badal (Dilip Kumar), who also lives a similar lifestyle with his married brother, his Bhabhi, and a sister. Kamini's father does not approve of Badal and makes it clear to her, and she pleads with Badal to find employment, but he refuses to do so. Then tragedy strikes Badal's family when their house catches fire. They find the remains of a male and believe it is him. A heartbroken Kamini finally gives in to her father's wishes and gets married to Thakur, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in a mansion with his sister, Kamla (Shashikala). Watch what happens when she finds out that Badal has entered the life of her sister-in-law - but claims to be Veer Singh.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)