5 Excellent

Quite often or rather most of the time HIGH EXPECTATIONS yield LOW RESULTS & a classic example of this is one of the releases this week ARJUN PATIALA A film in a film it tells the story of a cop ARJUN PATIALA who by his looks & built may not look that strong but is a Judo champion & a fan of a senior cop who is his inspiration too, he also has right intentions of wiping out the criminals in the town where he is posted, he also has an assistant whose name is ONIDA after a popular brand for one of the most absurd reason shown, likewise the movie supposedly to be a comedy fall's flat with it's not so well written comic scenes, on & off we have popular old songs or spoofs on some hit scenes from yesteryear films but all end up to be boring & tedious not connecting to it's audience Talented & reliable actors like RONIT ROY & PANKAJ TRIPATHI have been wasted , also SEEMA PAHWA as the main antagonist is a total miscast alongside with MOHAMMED ZEESHAN another talented actor who too has an ill conceived role & more than that a bad get up , KRITI SANON the leading lady is somewhat watchable , VARUN SHARMA in the role of ONIDA turns out to be the biggest disappointment considering the fan following he has had with his FUKREY FRANCHISE & finally DILJIT DOSANJH the hero of this film gets a zero in this film, riding high on the success of his recent punjabi film SHADDA & a superb performance in that this one is & could be one of his worst acts All in all a badly directed film by ROHIT JUGRAJ a successful director of Punjabi films STRICTLY AVOIDABLE