5 Excellent

The movie is great, emotional but at the same time captivating!

The boxing scenes are of tremendous value and the movie should do alot for boxing in india!

Boxing fans will love the movie for sure, its a surefire hit with them, but for others who never watch boxing like me will still love the edge of seat fights as its soo captivating like a edge of the seat thriller!

But the best scene in the whole movie is when Luca tried to pick on Dharmendra after knocking out Bobby and almost killing him, Luca and Dharmendra meet outside in front of media and Luca tried to punch him but sunny comes and turns emotionally violent and beats up Luca in front of media! This scenes performance from Sunny is his best ever act EVER!!!! Its a bit like Sunny Vs 7 brothers act in Ghatak where sunny says main gar main gus kar maronga!

Performance wise, Dharmendra has the biggest role but Bobbys performance is the best. Sunny is in back seat right through first half but when its his turn in the above scene and the climax scene he steals the show!

First half is more on the emotional side and therefore a bit slow, but second half is very pacy with the boxing scenes making it an awsome experience!

Its a first in bollywood but Anil Sharma has done well!

As for working at the Box Office, I really hope it does as the movie showcases something new to Bollywood in great style too. With this movie Boxing could become a rage in India just like cricket did with Lagaan.

Its more for the family audience and the older generation will love the first half more while the younger generation would love the second half!

Lets hope the movie does well at the Box office as it truely deserves too!