4.5 Excellent



The name AGNEEPATH conjures up an image of a husky-voiced Amitabh Bachchan enacting the iconic role of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. But after 26th Jan 2012, not any more! Because Hrithik Roshan has changed that image forever. Nobody is saying that Hrithik has surpassed Amitabh, because the scope of comparison is simply not there.

The modern-day Agneepath starts with the basic premise of a revenge saga as the earlier version, but takes an altogether different track from a few minutes into the movie. The film is debutant director Karan Malhotra’s version of Vijay Chauhan and his quest for Mandwa. While watching the movie, people will find it hard to believe that it is the work of a first-timer.

Each and every scene of the movie is filled with a simmering intensity which keeps the audience on their seats’ edge till the climax, when it explodes into a volcano. Although 177-minute in duration, the movie never gives a scope to relax and is total paisa-vasool for the entire duration of the movie, which in itself says it all regarding Karan Malhotra’s rivetting screenplay. The film is full of drama and although being an action movie at its core, the film consists of superb emotional moments as well. Some of the scenes are a treat to watch…

- When Vijay’s sister comes to meet him, the entire sequence is so heart-warming, that you feel for the characters
- The scene where Vijay confronts his childhood enemy and reveals his identity with his “poora naam”, it sends electric pulses through your body (greeted with ceetes and taalis from the audience)

Special mention must be made of the background music by Ajay-Atul. Their fantastic composition heightens the entire effect of the drama to a completely different level altogether. They have proved yet again how background score can play a significant role in a film. Their songs also get smoothly woven into the narrative. Chikni Chameli is already a chartbuster, Deva Shree Ganesha with its wonderful percussion arrangements heightens the tempo, while Gun Gun Guna makes you hum along with Sunidhi Chauhan