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Based in the village of Mandwa, Maharashtra, two years after the Congress-imposed Emergency, Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) wants to start a salt factory. When Master Mahadev Chauhan finds out that this is a front to usurp farmland as well as distribute drugs, he opposes him, is framed and openly lynched in public, with his son, Dinanath (Chetan Pandit), and expectant wife, Sushama (Zarina Wahab), watching helplessly. The duo re-locate to the Bombay Docks area where the latter gives birth to Shiksha (Suhita Thatte). Unable to get over the brutal death of his father, Dinanath soon alienates himself from his family when he not only refuses to identify gangster, Rauf Lala, as a killer, but also ends up killing a Sub-Inspector. Rauf bails him out, hires him and soon entrusts him completely much to the chagrin of his son, Mazhar (Rajesh Tandon), who feels threatened. 15 years later, while Dinanath (Hrithik Roshan) is busy creating circumstances that will get him complete control of Rauf's business so that he could confront Kancha, he is unaware that the latter is already aware of his agenda - and has taken all due precautions - setting the stage for another public lynching - this time of Dinanath.
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