2.5 Good

Action Replayy

just finished watching it. it was a decent romantic comedy. a light hearted movie which should be viewed without seeking any logic behind every action that happens in the movie. i was little bit disappointed. it did not turned out as i expected. story and screenplay is very weak with actually nothing in it. wasted cast wasted movie. it gives you many laughs at some jokes but the whole movie is very dull. even the whole 70's look is not that inspiring.

Akshay as usual played a Loser geek but thank God it was not over done in a silly way like his many recent movies. Aishwarya rai is ok , looking cute but not much acting or contribution in the movie, i'll blame writer. Aditya was good in the movie. other actors were just wasted in the movie.

Music was awsome specially some songs like, O Bekhabar, Zor ka jhatka, Baki may bhool gai and Chan ke Mohala are good. Sci fi stuff that is Time travel was not annoying or over done. not a cliche or not a copy of any movie. decent effort, not a good one. first half was hollow at places but second half was racy.